Every Day Hackers, Spammers And Thieves Target Vulnerable Web Sites

Protect Your Site Instantly With This Advanced, Quick And Easy Security Solution

Includes Full Master Resale Rights And Money Making Branding System

Dear Friend,

Almost everyone agrees that the Internet is becoming an increasingly dangerous place.

More hackers, spammers and thieves appear every day, targetting vulnerable web sites.

These continual attacks can cost you a very large chunk of your income!

Website Guardian is a brand new security tool that will protect your entire site instantly from many different types of attack ...

Instantly Protect Your Vulnerable Forms With A Single Button Click

You will almost certainly have at least one HTML form on your a web site.

Depending on the purpose of the form, they are vulnerable to a wide variety of attacks.

If you run a traffic exchange, a pay per lead site, a site with a top or anything else which uses a form to monitor or reward visitors, you are vulnerable.

Your competitors and visitors can read the HTML of your form simply by viewing the source of your pages then use the information to cheat, steal or otherwise take advantage of you.

If you sell ebooks or software through Paypal (or any other service which uses a form for the sales button), thieves can steal your products simply by viewing the source code of the form.

There are many different types of attacks that can be launched against your forms.

To protect against these attacks, you need to encrypt your forms.

There are other tools on the Internet which encrypt forms, but most apply a simple one or two stage encryption, which is easy to crack.

Website Guardian uses an advanced three stage encryption process to protect your forms, providing maximum protection from attack.

Website Guardian also incorporates AX Gold's unique "one-click" technology.

Simply select your home page file, click one button and Website Guardian will automatically protect your entire web site.

As well as protecting your forms, Website Guardian can also automatically install additional security features into your site...

Stops All Spambots In Their Tracks

If you are like most webmasters, you'll want to include your email address on your web site, so visitors can easily contact you.

The easiest solution is to provide a "maillto" link, allowing your visitors to simply click on the link to send you an email.

Unfortunately spammers are also continually on the look out for email addresses.

They use special web robots called Spambots which search continually through millions of web pages, looking for email links.

When a Spambot finds an email link, the email address is added to a database, to be used for spamming by the owner and to be sold to other spammers.

Website Guardian will instantly encrypt your email links leaving them usable by your visitors, but making them unreadable by Spambots, protecting you from a deluge of spam.

Stop Others Framing Your Site

Many web sites will show your web pages inside a frame, when they link to your site.

While for some web sites this can be acceptable, or even desirable, this framing can be abused by some webmasters.

Frames can be used to place distracting headers on your site, reducing the impact of your site and encouraging visitors to navigate through someone else's links instead of yours.

In some cases, webmasters have even used this technique to pass off another sites information pages as their own.

Website Guardian can automatically insert special script into your web pages which prevents them being shown inside frames.

All Website Guardian's security features are optional and can be automatically installed into your entire web site, with a single button click.

Unlike most other automatic protection tools available on the Internet, Website Guardian will protect your web site without damaging your search engine ranking.

Full Master Resale Rights Included Free!
Website Guardian comes complete with master resell rights.

You can sell it yourself and keep all the money.

A copy of this mini site is even included to help you distribute it.

Just make one sale and you can recover your investment.

Alternatively you can bundle as a bonus it with other products if you prefer.

Website Guardian also comes with a special brander allowing you to earn generous commissions on sales of other AX Gold products.

All This For One Low Price
Of course you are now wondering what this software is going to cost.

Hacking, spamming and theft are serious problems.

Website Guardian could stop you losing a significant chunk of your income.

I know I could charge a lot for this protection, but I want to help as many people as possible put an end to the damaging activities of hackers, spammers and thieves.

So, I'm offering this software complete with master resale rights for just $29.95!

This low price may be increased at any time, so please order now to avoid disappointment.